Thursday Thoughts

Day three is almost over, I am sitting next to the Pool, listening to nice music and drinking a Bali Cider 😊

Surfing makes me hungry – I can imagination most of you think „typical Ina“ – I could eat so much here, unbelieveable. Unfortunately the camp offers Banana pancakes or fried Banana with icecream. But luckily they have also nice fruit plates here in the camp.

Today I had to fight against fear during the surf sessions, I was thinking too much, the other surfers influenced me on a negative way. But I will stay positiv, tomorrow is a new day. And nevertheless I am really grateful for everything I have. For my family, friends and especially my boyfriend, supporting me to let my dream come true.

Happiness is a choice – not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you. 
Ralph Marston

Rice field behind our camp

Yummi fruit plate

View from the pool, you can see one of the Lumbungs

Yesterday’s surf at Kudeta beach

Today’s surf at Kuta beach

Both legs got finn cuts today 🙈

Today’s sunset from the rooftop terrace

Back in the water

Hello from Bali,

my first day is already over and I am beginning to relax.

The flight: As expected the plane left Stuttgart with delay on Sunday evening, but I made it to the connecting flight in Amsterdam on time. Unfortunately the plane from Amsterdam to Denpasar with a short stop in Singapore was fully booked ( I had the hope to have one free seat next to me). I was sitting next to the corridor and on the other side of the corridor there was a young women. The plane was not even started and the women started drinking wine (out of a small bottle), later she took the second bottle out of her bag. During dinner on board she drank a third bottle. And last but not least she had two Gin Tonic. And everybody could see that she was getting more and more drunk, her phone, her pillow or her blanket were falling down the whole time. And from time to time she stepped on her phone. So what do you think was the end of this story?

The women threw up on herself, even the poor man next to her had some stuff on his pants 😦 and due to the fact the women was wearing only a small top, everybody could see her nipple. And this was only 3 hours after the start in Amsterdam…we had to fly 8.5 hours more to Singapore. Horrible.

But I made it to Bali, I arrived in the evening and someone from my surfcamp picked me up. Back in the camp I got a welcome drink and I went to bed early. Btw I am staying in a 4 bed bunk room, with two girls from Germany and one guy from Finnland.

Today we started with the surfing session at 7:30. It felt so good to be back in the water. My arms were hurting, but the feeling of happiness is back 🙂  Although I was using sunblocker with 50 spf, my face is sunburnt.

In the afternoon I slept and tried to calm down from the last stressful weeks. And we went shopping to the Billabong & co outlets. I bought a boardshorts which fits perfect to my Zealous Surf Bikini. And I drank my first Bintang (beer).

So now it is 10pm and I am going to bed. Because I need to wake up very early tomorrow at 6am 🙂 Yes most of you won´t belive it, but for a surf session it is ok for me to wake up early and it is quite easy. In Germany sometimes I snooze my alarm for one hour.

All the best



My luggage – everything was fully full 😉


Dinner from Amsterdam to Sinagpore – why are they serving cabbage salad on a plane?


No words needed


View from the terrace of my Lumbung


Kuta Beach


Kuta Beach


Waiting for the waves


Fruit platter after the surf session

Welcome to my blog

„All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.“

– Walt Disney –

Courage. In the past two years I showed a lot of courage and I am proud of myself, to be who I am and what I have achieved so far. I started traveling on my own, backpacking through Thailand, exploring the streets of New York City, going to surf camps three times in a row. Portugal, Fuerteventura and Bali.

After each travel I came back with so many new and beautiful impressions. But I also had doubts. Started thinking about the meaning of life. Which adventures and stories could I tell my children one day?

Besides those doubts, the will to improve my surfing skills grew strongly. But living in a landlocked country like Germany, it´s not easy to work on your surfing skills. Practice the take off in front of the TV, train with the balance board, watch surfing videos and read a lot of theory books. But I want more.

It´s time for a new start. Take all of your courage. So I decided to quit my job and go on a long-term surf trip. It was not an easy decision, and it was not made over night. But since I made the decision, I am feeling free. Many people ask me „why quitting and not taking a sabbatical?“. I thought about taking a sabbatical, but it is not the right thing for me. I want to be really free, going on an adventure and leave the past behind me. A fresh start. Thinking about the future, without being trapped in an old job. Being open minded for new possibilities.

Until September 29th, I am working in my job as a Marketing Communication Specialist. In the upcoming weeks I have to deal with all important topics like insurance stuff, sell my car, rent my flat, book a flight to Bali as well as the first accommodation, and many more topics. Sometimes thoughts like „Ina – wtf – what are you doing?“ are coming to mind. But most of the time I am sooooo happy and excited.

And I am more than happy if you join my adventure and follow my blog.

xxx Ina