Terima kasih banyak

A friend told me yesterday some beautiful words, about the magic in life:

„Love can grow, just believe in it“

After 158 days it is time to go home 😍 Hard to describe my trip in words, I am so thankful and happy. I’ve met so many great and interesting people along this trip. It told me we shouldn’t make prejudice to other people, rather be open and learn more about different cultures and religions. It might change your way of thinking. And at the end we are all equal, just human beings. But the biggest learning for myself is, I don’t need much to be happy. Family, friendship and spending time with the things you love to do. That’s enough.
I am now looking forward to see my family and friends again, of course I am also sad to leave this beautiful island. But in a couple of weeks I will see my Lombok friends again 😊
Terima kasih banyak waktu yang tepat 🏄 🤗

I am not the number one travel blogger 😂 so since my last post around christmas many things happend.

I stayed again 4 weeks on Lombok, my creditcard got skimmed and they took 500€ from my bank account. Then I went to Western Australia. This trip was a blast 😊 4 weeks, 21 nights in a camper van with my friend and former working colleague Sarah, 4456km on the road, amazing beaches and landscape, thousands of annoying flies sitting always in our faces, many dead kangaroos but also alive ones, hundreds of parrots and seagulls, dolfins, emus, sting rays, snakes – one alive and the other one I killed accidentially with the car (I am so sorry 🙈).
After Australia it was time for me to go back to Indonesia, I stayed two nights on Bali. Visited friends and bought a new surfboard 🙂 and then with my new baby I went straight to Lombok for another 3,5 weeks.

And now here I am, sitting at the airport in Bali and waiting for my flight back home. I don’t know if the tears are coming from saying goodbye or the happiness to see my family soon. But everything has something positiv 🙂

It is official, I will move to Lombok for one year. Working at Naluasurf as a camp manager. I am so excited and I hope everything will work out related to the visa. Fingers crossed and I will be back end of April ❤️

But until then I have to organize many things in Germany, sell my car, mountainbike, clothes, get rid of my appartement and furniture, get a new health insurance, a new creditcard (old one got skimmed), and so on. But I think it will be good to sort out my life 🙂 looking forward to this new chapter.

Will keep you updated ✌️

Ein Gedanke zu “Terima kasih banyak

  1. Ina, ich freu mich sehr für dich. Ein Abenteuer jagd das nächste. Es bleibt spannend und das ist doch das wichtigste. Stillstand ist langweilig. Du nutzt die Chancen, die das Lenen dir bietet, darauf kannst du stolz sein. Ich bin inspiriert und verfolge deine Reise seit Beginn an und freue mich immer wieder über deine Updates. Hangloose Surf Eat Sleep Repeat – aloha Steffi

    Gefällt mir

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