Christmas and being thankful

Today is the 24th of December, my first Christmas not being at home with my family and friends. Some how a strange  feeling and I am a little bit sad, but on the other side I am super happy to celebrate Christmas with new and old friends. I will have dinner with my SariFerrari, a very good friend from University. We lived and studied together. So I am really looking forward to spend the evening with her, her boyfriend and other friends AND 6 dogs ❤️
Looking back, the last years Christmas was always a really good but also super stressfull time for me. Many events, buying presents, a lot of work at my old job, dinner and party invitations. Some how it was always a little bit too much. So I could not really enjoy the time 100%, because of running from one meeting to the other.

Now I am here on Bali, during the last weeks I had plenty of time to think about myself, focusing and just breathe and live. I was starting to feel happy, an inner feeling that I had never before. I don’t know where it comes from, it was just there. First time I experienced this happy, peaceful and warm feeling while driving on my scooter on the way to get breakfast. I was smiling and enjoying the ride along rice fields. And today it was the same, I woke up this morning and was happy. On the way to the beach I felt blessed and thankful for all I have, that I am able to travel and surf the world. Thankful to have such a great and lovely family and the best friends I can imagine. Thankful to be healthy and alive. 

I wish you all „Merry Christmas“, a peaceful time with your family and friends. More time to calm down from all the stress and busy time around you, to think about what is really important in life and to be thankful for it. Put the smartphones for a moment away, talk to each other and just live the moment. Life has so much more to offer, we are just not able to see it because of too much work, the pursuit to get better and perfect, earning more money and being successful.

Sending so much love to you all, miss you! 

xxx Ina

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