We came as guests and we left as friends 🙂 

How should I start? Maybe with „I totally fell in love with Lombok“

Let’s start from the beginning 🙂 We (3 friends and myself) started our journey November 5th, we took the speedboat from Padang Bay to Lombok. From the harbour we had to drive south to Kuta, and my first impressions on this way along the coast were amazing: so many big coconut trees, surrounded by a lot of mountains with jungle, a beautiful coastline with black sand, super nice roads and not much traffic compared to Bali. 

The plan was to stay 2 weeks in Kuta at a place called Village Vibes. We started surfing at Seger and Mawi, but then we found the small village Gerupuk with its perfect surfspots. You go by boat and jump directly into the line up. Perfect waves, good to improve on the wave because the take off is easy. And everywhere on Lombok the line ups are so super empty, sometimes it was only us in the water. Ok sometimes it was crowded with maybe 30 people. 

After two weeks we were definitely not in the mood to go back to busy Bali. So we extended our stay and moved to Senggigi for a couple of days. Senggigi is the most touristy city on Lombok. We did a short trip to the area of the vulcano Rinjani and also some shopping and visa extension in Mataram. Then we had the plan of going for only some more days down to the south again. At the end we spent additional 12 amazing days in Gerupuk 🙂 Btw you can find in this village the best Japanese Ramen restaurant of Indonesia! And don’t forget to mention the amazing local Nasi Campur. 

In this month on Lombok we had so many funny moments. One to mention: We were driving back from a surf session, earlier there was a super heavy rain going down, so the streets were on some places a little bit flooded. But not deep. So we were driving through the water… and then we saw in front of us a crowd of people standing in the water. And soon we knew why, because the river was going over the street, the water was knee deep. In this moment Mia said to me „I am wondering how long the scooter makes it“  and boom the first scooter steemed and the motor broke down. A few seconds later the other scooter. But there were so many helpful people who carried the scooters inclusive surfboards into the dry area for us. 

Finally on the way back to Bali, we stopped on Gili Trawangan for two nights. A small and really beautiful island. Super touristy and not my type of place to be.

I prefer more quiet places and this is the reason why I am going back to Lombok on December 25th 🙂

Since two weeks I am on Bali, and I really like it here too. But I don’t like the long scooter rides to the surf spots and I am definitely spending too much money with all the hipster restaurants and cafés. 

Weekend surftrip to Serangan Bali

Visit „Islamic center“ of Mataram

Local food for breakfast gives you a lot of energy for 3 hours of surfing

Dogs and cats everywhere

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