Surfing sets my mind free

S U R F I N G – What is surfing for me?

  • It sets my mind free, I forget the time and get completely lost in the moment
  • It teaches me in serenity and being focused
  • Being surrounded by the ocean, feeling the softness of the water makes me feel safe and grounded
  • Surfing teaches me also how to deal with frustration
  • Riding a wave and feeling the power of the ocean, cruising down the wave, it is pure happiness and makes me proud of myself – every single time
  • Surfing is not only about the amount of how many waves I catched, it is about having fun. And also to be happy when your buddies catch nice waves
  • After a surf sesh I am full of energy, it feels like the ocean gives me power. I am tired but so happy and pleased. I think this is what people call stoked

The Lombok Crew ✌️

Surfing Lombok Gerupuk Outside – November 2017

My first time on a surfboard – September 2016

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