It´s me again

Hello there,

I know it was quiet the last weeks, because of the one and only reason: I was not in the mood of writing something. Probably most of my friends can not believe when I say I am waking up at 6am without alarm, and I am already tired at 8pm. And most of the time I am going to bed at 9pm 😀 At the moment it is already 10pm whoop whoop, and I am still awake. But honestly speaking, it is difficult to let my eyes stay open.

So what was going on during the last weeks?

First I was travelling with my boyfriend for two weeks, we spent 5 days in the SurfWG camp in Canggu, then we went to Ubud, Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan, Nusa Penida and then to Kuta. I will tell you more about those locations in a separate blog post.

After my boyfriend left Bali, I flew to Kuala Lumpur for a visa run. I landed in the late afternoon, luckily I booked my ticket for the speed train (30 min) from the airport to a central station in KL already online. From this central station I took a taxi (failure) –  while I was waiting for my budget taxi (there are also normal taxis and luxury taxis) I was standing in the middle of a fight between some taxi drivers. One of the guys was so helpful and took me out, and brought me to a second taxi point. He was so sorry for his colleagues, a really nice guy! Finally I got a taxi, but then the story starts 😀

  1. The taxi driver couldn´t read maps because of his longsightedness and he had no data on his phone to use google maps
  2. While standing in the traffic jam, he was trying to read something on his phone. Wumms…the car went backwards and we hit an Uber car
  3. Then he got completely lost and I had to navigate him to my hostel

I booked a single room in The bed KLLC hostel…the room was 2m x 3m big/small. One bed and a small table, no more space for furniture was left. The bathroom was a shared one. In the evening I did some sightseeing, a really beautiful city with huge contrasts. On the one hand luxury malls and on the other hand streets with shabby restaurants and shops selling their fish laying on the street. After 2,5 hours walking it was happy to lay in the bed. BUT…

The bad thing about the room was the missing AC/fan. It was soooo hot, no window, no air. I was sweating during the night and woke up every single hour.

In the morning I took the metro to get back to central station, and then again the speedtrain to the airport.

So what I can tell you about Kuala Lumpur:

  • socks and sandals are defintely no german thing at all. So many asian people are wearing it.
  • It was so humid, even worse than on Bali. I was wearing shorts and shirt and I was sweating so much, only from walking. A guy passed me, running in long tides and wind jacket, and I thought how is this possible? He must have sweat sooo much.
  • Wearing shorts and a shirt was a bad idea. I felt really naked, all women were completely covered and wearing headscarf

Back in Bali I stayed one night in Canggu, and then I went with friends to Lombok.

We are here in Kuta Lombok since the 5th of November. And what I can tell you: I am in love with Lombok. It is not crowded, no traffic, good streets, nice people, beautiful landscape and beaches AND the best waves I´ve ever surfed. But I will tell you more about Lombok in a different blog post.

EAT SURF SLEEP is the magic sentence for the last days 🙂


Miss you


In love with sunsets




Yummi fruitbowls everywhere


Good looking boy



Visit at Sara´s place


Rainy season stats


Dragonfruit smoothie


Kuala Lumpur


On the way to Lombok with a quick stop at Gili Trawangan

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